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Sinnamon Claus NOV 2022.jpg

A young boy wakes up on Christmas Eve and catches Santa's daughter who he believes is robbing his home.

Jinger Claus Poster.jpeg

Santa's daughter attempts to cheer up a grumpy woman on Christmas day.

YNA Poster 2023.jpg

After answering an unknown call, a woman encourages the caller not to commit suicide.

Monroe vs Grant 2022.jpg

Two assassins who hate each other go in for the same job interview.

Michael Ronco Poster.jpg

Michael Ronco takes on his first assassin gig involving time travel and sweet revenge. 48 HR Film Project

YMJ 2023.jpg

An awkward date when boy brings girl a goldfish instead of flowers.


Two best friends discuss their awkward and unique relationship.

The Apology MP.jpg

An emotional woman accuses her man of flirting and wants 
nothing to do with him...

Two friends discuss who's book is scarier.

A man comes home to discover his roommate ate his cake.

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