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Miles - TV Pilot

Comedy Test Pilots aka Lessons Learned

Lando - Webseries

A selfish con man gets cursed in to a crappy ass puppet and in order to be a real man again he has to learn to be human, putting others before him.


Miles - TV Pilot

Wanna be rocker Miles struggling with life, discovers he has a 16 year old daughter from a one night stand with a random fan.

"Notable Project"

The Radford Show - TV Pilot

Inventor Radford and his zany coworkers at a software design company battle spies, evil holograms, and anything out of the ordinary.

Kaila Yu.jpeg

Radford and Bruce - Webseries

Radford and Bruce on their adventures outside of the work office. 

Maya 1 533 (1024).jpg

Audrey Apple - Webseries

Misadventures of screenwriter Audrey Apple and her zany independent production comedy

Audrey Apple - Holly Weber.jpg
Pamela Walker - Lauren Boiros.jpg

Riley's Beach - Webseries

Insecure Riley Madison surviving life and hopeless for love.


Bumsons Bed & Breakfast - Webseries

Estranged brothers clash over the family bed and breakfast which is doing horrible.


Summer of Dylan - Webseries

Grump Dylan Washington is stuck with his best friend's daughter Kasey for the summer.


Bamkick Comic Shop - Webseries

Oddball comic shop employees working after hours.   

Rolo & Flobo - Webseries

Heartbroken Rolo moves in with his crazy bud Flobo to rediscover himself but

that'll be more challenging then he thinks.

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