Monroe vs Grant - Short Film

Two assassins who hate each other go in for the same job interview.

Monroe vs Grant 2022.jpg

Murder Kids and Succubus Demons - Short Film

Two friends discuss who's book is scarier.

You, Me, and Jerry - Short Film

An awkward date when boy brings girl a goldfish instead of flowers.


Mindy and BJ - Short Film

Two besties talk about their platonic friendship.

What Cake? - Short Film

A man comes home to discover his roommate at his cake.

The Apology MP.jpg

The Apology - Short Film

An emotional woman accuses her man of flirting and tells him off.

BBW - Short Film

Two friends discuss the term bbw.

Near Hollywood Tours - Short Film

The comical story about former athletic trainer David Stott and his cheesy Hollywood tour guide company